Surviving Separation and Divorce – coming soon, to a bookshop near you…

Surviving Separation and Divorce

Yep. A real, actual book, with my name on the cover.

It’s been 7 years in the experiencing, thinking, writing, editing and printing – and now it’s almost in my, or your, hands.

As far as authorship goes, I had hoped to one day write a bestselling fiction novel. One day being, well, at some point in the far distant future which was never quite identified…and to be frank, still isn’t. This isn’t the book I thought, wished or hoped to write, but I’m so glad it’s coming into print.

Why write it?

When I began blogging, it was to stop people from feeling quite so alone in the world of relationship breakdown. Gradually, this morphed into the idea of ‘Surviving Separation and Divorce‘.

I personally didn’t know where to begin when my marriage broke down. If one person feels supported, gains one idea that helps them through and feels like the future might not be hopeless then I’m glad I wrote it. You are not alone.

Who’s it for?

Obviously those who are separated and divorcing, but I know from friends who have experienced relationship breakdown without marriage that it has been helpful there too. You don’t have to be married.

People who want to help their friends, faith leaders and counsellors may also find it helpful and useful to read in order to recommend it (hopefully!) and gain insight into what people may be experiencing and how to help them. Please share it with anyone you think would be interested or find the book helpful.

What does it cover?

Surviving Separation and Divorce explores three time frames, and the experiences and problems that might be encountered at that stage. It has personal stories, discusses different reactions to the topic, gives strategies, and asks questions for the reader to consider.

What doesn’t it cover?

This isn’t a theological examination of the Bible and divorce. Faith is mentioned, because that’s my experience, but you don’t have to be of that faith or any to read it.

It also doesn’t go into detail about shared custody and making divorce work with children. While some elements are covered, this isn’t my area of expertise and there are lots of great books that cover this exclusively.

Finally, it doesn’t break down the five reasons for divorce in the UK – that’s because it’s available across the world so it wouldn’t be relevant everywhere.

Is it just your blog in a book?

No, otherwise why buy it?! Some topics are covered again, some content is used and edited from my blog, but there is much more, and covered in more depth than a blog post can.

The style is unsurprisingly similar as it’s still me writing it!

That said, it also features five voices of my friends, who answer questions and tell the stories of their own experiences where you may recognise yourself.

Where can I get it?

Thanks for asking!

It’s available from Eden, Waterstones, Foyles and Amazon in the UK, including a Kindle version.

You can also purchase it in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia! If you can get it in other locations or choose to pre order from one of these, please comment and let me know!

Surviving Separation and Divorce