At the service station

I sat beside this story on a long trip to Leeds and rediscovered it amongst the notes on my phone the other day. Just imagine the scene, the child and the voices – I hope it brings a smile to you too. At the service station Ketchup on the table. Dad goes to get napkins.  Returns to clean up. (Confused) Where did it go? I licked it. (Incredulously horrified) You didn’t. I did. How did you do that?  Like this. (Leans right over and licks the table again.) Continue reading At the service station

The Last Time

I wondered if I should take a photo. Whether I should encapsulate this moment in case I want to look back. The last time I saw that view, at that time. The last time I walked that pathway, crossing at exactly the same place. The last time I slept in that bed, relaxed in that bath, unlocked that front door. But what does the photo tell me? Better a picture of the worn out carpet where feet have trod in and out. A chair a friend sits in on every visit. A mug that was bought for that one particular … Continue reading The Last Time