life on pause

As a child in the early 90s, I watched Bernard’s Watch. Everyone who saw it wanted it. Bernard’s Watch was special, as with it he could stop time, rewind and change the course of events before life continued (with no one realising of course). The only episode I really remember is when Bernard’s friend’s rabbit was about to be run over, and Bernard stopped time, and heroically saved the rabbit. Why this particular episode ingrained itself in my mind I have no idea as I’m not overly fond of rabbits; I did however, want a watch like Bernard’s. When my … Continue reading life on pause

The Art Of Commuting: Things To Do On A Moving Train

I know what some of you are thinking from that title…clean out your mind and focus!

In my commuting youth (the 7:42 from Andover to Salisbury) I was in awe of the ability of my schoolmates to apply mascara on a fast moving and juddery vehicle, and to even draw eyeliner onto the inside of their eyes without maiming their sight. I do not imagine there would be the same level of success in my attempt and so I get up promptly, merely to retain my sight. I have seen the occasional person – all women thus far – expertly applying the same. For me, getting into work 5 minutes early is infinitely preferable.

The inevitable slide into technology means that the laptop, tablet and phone feature prominently in the ‘things to do’ list. It opens up a whole world – reading, writing, TV watching, working, games, music; the one object that does so much is a definite commuter consideration. I have managed to go to bed at a reasonable hour and still catch up on a TV series before arriving in the office thanks to efficient downloading overnight. However, there’s nothing wrong with the good old fashioned book, or indeed a free paper as I’m too cheap/poor to buy one. My newspaper preferences are mainly graded by how much print you end up with on your hands, so while the Metro is an enjoyable morning read, with my favourite parts being the good deeds section and crush messages (a girl can dream..), the Evening Standard is much less of a pleasurable read as my hands are completely stained by the end of my perusal. An advantage of reading over watching is that you can tune in and out of the material to listen…

…I guess this could be classed as eavesdropping, although I’m not listening in order to share information with anyone. If I want to write more, I think it’s important to listen more; as such I try not to spend both journeys of the day with earphones in. I’ve also endeavoured to walk to and fro without any form of technology in my hands/ears to be more aware of what’s around me, and below are a couple of my favourite spots this week! Sometimes though, it’s really hard not to laugh out loud. On my first evening trip someone mentioned their child’s teacher, referring to her as ‘Mrs Badcrumble’, an Eddie Izzard reference that meant I had to bite my lip and try not to giggle, as I wasn’t actually part of the conversation.


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