‘Choosing your attitude’ or ‘how to brighten your day for free’

I guess I am right in thinking that most of us love free stuff. And you are reading because you either like free stuff, want your day brightened or both. This way to brighten my own day is something that struck me a while back, as you will see later. It gets hammered home periodically in no uncertain terms, and I am reminded that I needed to, once again (along with most of my resolutions…) readopt this one. A few weeks after I started my job, my colleagues and I went on a course thrillingly entitled ‘Creating Positive Communication with … Continue reading ‘Choosing your attitude’ or ‘how to brighten your day for free’

Quitting the Classroom

Last year I took the enormous decision to leave my job as a classroom teacher. But, in the famed words of Elizabeth Bennett – ‘I should not consider myself to be quitting that sphere’. ‘Quit’ is one of the weightiest verbs bandied about when discussing teachers leaving the profession. While the dictionary definition is ‘to leave’, I find it used more and more as a word with negative connotations. Quitting implies you couldn’t handle it, or denotes leaving others to carry a mantle which is heavier the less people that bear it. The mantle of teaching is heavy, yet hugely … Continue reading Quitting the Classroom


We all have our own definitions of success. For a long time, my view of whether I was successful was defined by relationship. Being married and having a family was to me, a marker of success – after all, my job could be gone at any point. I realise that in the light of my life now, this statement is somewhat ironic. It made me reevaluate what success meant to me. I would still love to be married again, have a family one day, and I hope that this happens for me. But if it doesn’t, I won’t consider myself … Continue reading Success