Lessons in a terrible attitude and alarm clocks

Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral?  Despite my best (and relatively successful) efforts to curb my non-praiseworthy ability to swear like a sailor, my Saturday morning began with two very clearly enunciated profanities. The channeling of my inner Hugh Grant was due to the fact I’d woken up at 7.29am. Hardly a hardship I know, in fact I am sure many friends, particularly parents, would be only too delighted to be awoken at this reasonable hour.  My own problem with the situation was that my carefully researched, non-transferable-this-train-only train had left Euston at 7.23am; a winning start … Continue reading Lessons in a terrible attitude and alarm clocks

The Last Time

I wondered if I should take a photo. Whether I should encapsulate this moment in case I want to look back. The last time I saw that view, at that time. The last time I walked that pathway, crossing at exactly the same place. The last time I slept in that bed, relaxed in that bath, unlocked that front door. But what does the photo tell me? Better a picture of the worn out carpet where feet have trod in and out. A chair a friend sits in on every visit. A mug that was bought for that one particular … Continue reading The Last Time

Muppet Christmas Carol: the summer of the soul in December

I recently wrote for Threads on the times in your life when that summer of the soul is more like a storm and borrowed Helen Russell’s idea of ‘hygge’. This is a Danish concept that denotes a cosy environs of home, friends and family. To my mind a hygge space is dimly lit and warm. I would recommend Helen’s book for both learning more about Danish culture, and for laughter, it was an anthropological book that I couldn’t put down. The fact I’m inherently nosey and love to read about people probably helped. This cosy comfort can be an elusive … Continue reading Muppet Christmas Carol: the summer of the soul in December

Divorce: Rules of Engagement Rings

I still remember exactly what was said on the day. I still remember the sensation of having something beautifully alien on my finger, catching the light, and wondering whether or not you were supposed to leave it on while you slept. I still remember the jolt of panic when I couldn’t feel the rings on my finger, looking down horrified I’d lost a treasured possession. I still remember recalling sadly that I had deliberately taken it off. I still remember realising that the indent on my finger had finally disappeared. I’ve finally got used to wearing a combinations of charity shop … Continue reading Divorce: Rules of Engagement Rings