At the service station

I sat beside this story on a long trip to Leeds and rediscovered it amongst the notes on my phone the other day. Just imagine the scene, the child and the voices – I hope it brings a smile to you too. At the service station Ketchup on the table. Dad goes to get napkins.  Returns to clean up. (Confused) Where did it go? I licked it. (Incredulously horrified) You didn’t. I did. How did you do that?  Like this. (Leans right over and licks the table again.) Continue reading At the service station

Fiction: a monologue

I wrote this a number of years ago as part of my English degree course. The brief was a monologue – a person’s speech to the camera/audience – and I took my inspiration from Blood Brothers, which I had recently seen, and in which the lead female character is also a cleaner. In the slight adjustment of my blog, I have readded this to a ‘Fiction’ category – I hope you enjoy it! Monologue Woman enters a kitchen and sits down. She is wearing cleaning overalls. (Accent like Julie Walters) So I’m a cleaner right? And my Mam said to … Continue reading Fiction: a monologue