Poetry: Little Miss Red

At Poetry Unplugged last week I was inspired to revisit the genre of poetry. In the intervening week it has gone..well, the week has gone, and no poetry of worth has yet passed through my pen/iPad.

Whilst there and inspired, I suddenly recalled that at University I won a competition to write a poem for children and the princely sum of £150. It was judged by a tutor, a published poet, and most importantly – children. In trying to dredge it up on the Internet from 2006 I discovered I had in fact been shortlisted in 2008 too, so while I search for that on CDs of University assignments, I leave you with ‘Little Miss Red’ – I hope you enjoy it!

Little Miss Red

Hey guys, listen to this,

It’s a fairy tale with something amiss:

It’s a bright, sunny day in the deep, dark wood,

There’s Little Miss Red – no riding hood!

Wait! She’s not even wearing red,

She’s dressed in camouflage instead!

Her basket’s hooked over an arm,

Containing an attack alarm.

Says she, “the Wolf is big and mean,

But he can’t see me if I wear green.

See, actually he’s rather dim.

And I can get the better of him.”

So off she heads to see her Nan,

Content with her new camouflage plan.

All of a sudden though, Wolfie spies

Little Miss Red in her disguise,

He laughs to himself, full of glee,

“Thinks she can get the better of me.”

He tiptoes round to Grandma’s lair,

Waiting for Red to meet him there.

Wolf sees her and as he bounds,

Little Miss Red whips around.

With pepper spray she attacks his eyes,

Kicks him hard in the shins and thighs,

With her alarm she whacks his head,

To all appearances, Wolf is dead!

But he sits up a bit, opens one eye,

Sees Little Miss Red and begins to cry.

“I’m sorry!” He says, “won’t do it again!

Never knew little girls could be such pains!”

Red stands and smiles, fierce and tough,

She decides Wolf’s battered enough.

Says she,

“That’s a lesson I hope you’ve learnt –

Don’t mess with Red, or you’ll get burnt!”

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