Muppet Christmas Carol: the summer of the soul in December

I recently wrote for Threads on the times in your life when that summer of the soul is more like a storm and borrowed Helen Russell’s idea of ‘hygge’. This is a Danish concept that denotes a cosy environs of home, friends and family. To my mind a hygge space is dimly lit and warm. I would recommend Helen’s book for both learning more about Danish culture, and for laughter, it was an anthropological book that I couldn’t put down. The fact I’m inherently nosey and love to read about people probably helped.

This cosy comfort can be an elusive concept and helps explain why I love this film – it’s about how people can change others, change themselves, and it warms the heart. A childhood classic is good for the soul anyway, plus you can watch it under a blanket with candles all around which is definitely hygge. Truth be told, I’ve never actually read the Dickens version but I’m fairly sure it does not involve Rizzo the Rat or Miss Piggy. Maybe that’s why I’ve never read it.

“The summer of the soul in December” must be my single favourite line in the Muppet Christmas Carol. The warm and lengthy days of summer are my ideal time, so to be reminded of summer inside is important. Yes the warmth comes from radiators and candles, and the long days are spent watching Strictly and playing cards, but the internal warmth this brings is as valuable as a ray of sunshine. For me the warmth comes as we open our family home to extended family and as I spend time with my second family too. I’ve never lived there, but the summer of the soul can be found in my parental home, where people and love abound. Don’t get the wrong impression, teasing is incessant and I’ve already heard a myriad of insults over Euro Monopoly with three stubborn-as-each-other brothers. But it’s home, the summer of my soul.

  With this in mind, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you can find the hygge, warmth and love inside this Christmas, whatever your circumstances. 

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