From Teacher to City-Worker: The First Few Months

There are life events that split your life into ‘before’ and ‘after’. We all have events where we place feelings, experiences and other events according to our personal timeline. It is now just over 3 months since I wrote about my first few days as a city worker, and therefore just over 3 months since I began working in the city. Before, my life was filled with questions; the job, the travel, and the lack of holidays. My excitement was over weekends, evenings, and not feeling so permanently stressed. Scrolling through my old facebook photos, I came across this one … Continue reading From Teacher to City-Worker: The First Few Months

The Change of Christmas Future

In November I was worried about Christmas future. I couldn’t really afford a Christmas tree, nor did I have any idea of how I would manhandle one into my first floor flat, and it was just going to be different. There was going to be no Santa sack, by design rather than accident this time. The divorce would be all but finalised. It took me a little while to realise that different doesn’t have to mean bad. Different is just, well different. My first new experience was decorating for Christmas. My brothers living in Brighton, or having a small baby … Continue reading The Change of Christmas Future

The Pain of Christmas Present

In writing this I have taken the literary liberty, which I hope you will forgive, of allowing the ‘present’ to mean the ongoing circumstances in which I found myself in 2012… It is Christmas past I suppose, but not as I considered my past Christmases to be, and 2014 has marked much of a new era, so much so that it deserves to be ‘the future’. So the grace of literary liberties in place, I begin. I love Advent, the waiting and the build up. I love the family time at Christmas, and playing lots of cards. I love the … Continue reading The Pain of Christmas Present

Memories of Christmas Past

Four little children scamper downstairs. The sun hasn’t yet risen and sleep is in everyone’s eyes. They tumble into the living room and see their Santa sacks, last night pinned in anticipation to the mantel piece, and now heavy-laden on the floor. Squeals and claps can be heard as they pull the stretchy material to locate their names, squirrelling their own off to a corner of the room. Their mother, every year, sews on a new picture that the children try to find. Material is pulled over the head, creating a world of reddish glow. It smells like Christmas in … Continue reading Memories of Christmas Past