From Teacher to City-Worker: The First Few Days

My shift from teacher to city worker is a mix of pros, cons, and situations with both flip sides of the coin. Part of my reason for leaving school was to change my lifestyle, which it has already. After 8 glorious weeks off, with no planning or classroom preparation to think of, 6am has been a little bit of a shock. I’ve had to get up earlier than I’ve ever got up to teach. In order to lessen the pain, I changed the alarm tone to One Direction’s ‘that’s what makes you beautiful’ – a positive yet unlikely statement to … Continue reading From Teacher to City-Worker: The First Few Days


This week I was inspired by a very dear friend of mine to write about a particular subject. We hadn’t caught up over the summer, and I called her because she had changed jobs and had recently started a new school. She is one of those friends with whom you just pick up wherever you left off and fill each other in along the way. In the course of conversation she asked this question, “Do you ever get the feeling that this is a game-changer?” It really struck me, and excited me as a concept. Have you ever encountered that … Continue reading Game-changer