A Life Of Privilege

I was asked a few months ago if I would have applied for this job if my marriage had not broken up. In short – no. The travel and long days would have put me off, too much time away from home. Ironically I now work less and have more free time. I’ve learnt the value of potential time to pursue individual dreams and goals in marriage since then. But, since I had no one to please but myself when I saw the advert, I applied. I remember the shock (terror) of finally finishing my summer reports (a shock in … Continue reading A Life Of Privilege

The Divorce Decision: One Year On

In the past, I was definitely guilty of proud thinking. Maybe I still am, however on the score of divorce, I have been well and truly humbled. I used to find it a mystery how two people, once unbelievably close, could dislike each other so much that they get divorced. I used to wonder how people could date when they weren’t yet divorced. I am fortunate neither myself nor my ex-husband hate one another, and are pretty amicable most of the time (even if you’re madly in love with someone they can really annoy you from time to time, so … Continue reading The Divorce Decision: One Year On

Travelling metaphorically light: my guilt complex and me

I have a tendency to carry my guilt complex around like a handbag. It goes everywhere with me, whether I need it or not, and usually weighs me down unnecessarily: this is also true of my handbags (which is another post entirely). I’ve carried it around for so long that I don’t even notice I’ve got it. On that note, I take my actual handbags unnecessary places too. I have a very impressive sense of guilt, if I do say so myself. Sort of like the Louis Vuitton of guilt complexes. It comes in many styles and guises; to get … Continue reading Travelling metaphorically light: my guilt complex and me

Take A Giant Step: Press Play

Have you ever invited a friend to stay, begun to show them around your locality, and suddenly noticed all the amazing things that are nearby? Cities, countryside, quirky buildings, little streets you rarely go down because you don’t need to. All too often, we don’t see what’s actually around us. I work in a complex of ancient to modern buildings, and I am given the opportunity to see amazing things every day. It is entirely possible not to leave the working complex all day until leaving for the train. Regularly I have to remind myself of the opportunities and exploration … Continue reading Take A Giant Step: Press Play

Divorce: putting life in rewind

In the time since I left teaching, I’ve heard at least 3 pregnancy announcements, become an Aunty, attended a wedding, tried on my bridesmaid’s dress for imminent bridesmaid duties, been to two hen parties and two baby showers, looked at several recent wedding albums on Facebook, met my friend’s not-so-new boyfriend, seen her new home, helped friends move into their marital home and been a bridesmaid. Amongst other things of course. Me? Well my life’s been going backwards. Not all of it certainly, but a very large chunk of it. At this time of my life, watching people get married … Continue reading Divorce: putting life in rewind