Divorce: Rules of Engagement Rings

I still remember exactly what was said on the day. I still remember the sensation of having something beautifully alien on my finger, catching the light, and wondering whether or not you were supposed to leave it on while you slept. I still remember the jolt of panic when I couldn’t feel the rings on my finger, looking down horrified I’d lost a treasured possession. I still remember recalling sadly that I had deliberately taken it off. I still remember realising that the indent on my finger had finally disappeared. I’ve finally got used to wearing a combinations of charity shop … Continue reading Divorce: Rules of Engagement Rings

Atrocious and Inhumane

I never pick up the Evening Standard. The ink bleeds all over my hands which annoys me and I feel grubby, imagining I have newspaper print all over my face for the next hour. But today, I did.┬áToday I picked up because of this. Now I’ve been on a train in sweltering conditions. 10 minutes feels like forever, and that was knowing when I could get off and counting down the minutes. I felt like I might collapse if I didn’t get off, it was that hot. But I would sit on a sweltering train for 13 hours, hating every … Continue reading Atrocious and Inhumane