Said in the voice of King Julien, the egotistic and crazed lemur, the mental picture of ‘Merry Julienuary’ has definitely brightened up the month that began with coffee, attempts at work and nap times, and is continuing with work, visits and then some more work. King Julien’s Julienuary starts with a sequel to Christmas in the receiving of many gifts to celebrate the month of him. Before you get excited about the potential for your birthday to extend to an entire month this year, renamed after yourself (although Octoberuth has a certain ring to it), in true moral-giving story style, … Continue reading Timegiving14

Dr Pepper and Captain Jack

We begin with a timely and thought-provoking question.

What do you want to achieve this year?

This year, and the previous several years in fact, I have wanted to write more.

I love writing. I love the process and the editing. I love picking the right words to go into the sentence, and sometimes, because I am really determined to get it right (aka sad), I get out a thesaurus – the real book version, not the Word one – and find that perfect term. Believe it or not, this does actually bring me happiness. It’s the same reason I will happily sit down to read my brother’s 20,000 word dissertation in the evening when it’s due in the morning, or pick over someone else’s essay several times to get the word count down. It doesn’t really matter what it is, I just love writing.

So what has held me back from sharing my writing and taking action on this long held dream?

Up until this year, one of the main reasons was fear.
Fear of what other people would think of my writing.
Fear they would think it wasn’t good enough.
Fear of what they would then think of me for assuming it was.
Fear that really, deep down, I wasn’t good enough to be a writer.
And so I avoided it. I occasionally wrote something. I entered competitions and sometimes they liked what I’d written. Still it wasn’t enough confirmation.

However, what I realised in 2013 gave me the confidence to start writing again – and more importantly, to let people read it:

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