Lessons From Grandma

No, I’ve not changed my blog title. Although 29 is approaching with alacrity, and I do enjoy being snuggled down on the sofa with a blanket and a logic problem book at 9pm on a Friday night, I don’t feel I’ve reached the necessity of this title just yet. You may disagree. Tough. No, in two days, on February 23rd, we shall be celebrating my Grandma’s birthday. She will be 81. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that my Grandma is the best. (She is.) There would never be sufficient time to tell you all about an Ouzo-drinking (in … Continue reading Lessons From Grandma

Inundated at Valentines. Oh sorry… In, Undated.

February: the month of Valentine’s Day, and the culmination of a(nother) spectacularly dateless, romanceless year. I am not currently lamenting my singleness (although if you are secretly in love with me, now is a good time to share it) and while there is a definite absence of any prospect of a date, I have enjoyed being reminded of the abundance of love I enjoy┬áin my life. My thoughts turned first to a bond stronger than many. Archest of rivals, bitterest of enemies, most loyal of defenders: the sibling. My ex-husband was, and I can only imagine still is, an only … Continue reading Inundated at Valentines. Oh sorry… In, Undated.

Fighting the inevitable

Have you ever filled in those ‘what job should you do?’, ‘what’s your future career?’ or ‘what type of person are you?’ quizzes? I enjoy most quizzes, so I have merrily filled them in over the years, but secretly I was hoping for a particular answer. I wouldn’t say I’m overburdened with aspiration, just as long as it could be anything, absolutely anything, other than teaching. Anything at all – air hostess (never going to happen), or refuse collector. Anything except teaching. I did a questionnaire at church – top marks for teacher, the Myers-Brigg personality test – my make … Continue reading Fighting the inevitable

When life hands you lemons…

Make lemonade? Hand them back? Throw them at someone? Or my personal favourite – crack open the gin. Sometimes life sucks. You don’t get any choice in the matter. Life has handed you the proverbial lemons. The question is what to do with them? I got asked a few weeks ago why I believe in God. In pondering it over later I came to the conclusion God has never let me down. People have; God hasn’t. When people let you down it’s crushing. You may have bared your soul to them, trusted them with secrets, invested time in them. They … Continue reading When life hands you lemons…