Atrocious and Inhumane

Today is the year anniversary of Alan Kurdi’s death.
These Select Committee reports on the work of the Immigration Directorate and the Migration Crisis make for interesting reading on how the situation currently looks. Worth a read!…/cm…/cmhaff/24/24.pdf

the entirety of life

I never pick up the Evening Standard. The ink bleeds all over my hands which annoys me and I feel grubby, imagining I have newspaper print all over my face for the next hour.
But today, I did. Today I picked up because of this.

Finally I couldn’t walk past any longer.

Now I’ve been on a train in sweltering conditions. 10 minutes feels like forever, and that was knowing when I could get off and counting down the minutes. I felt like I might collapse if I didn’t get off, it was that hot. But I would sit on a sweltering train for 13 hours, hating every minute, if I could save a boatful of people. Yes it’s horrific and yes it’s unbearable – I have never felt so much like I needed to escape from what was essentially a hot tin. But how much more unbearable is having to…

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