I am an adult – or ‘Why I don’t get stickers at the dentists’

I love these stickers from Gemma Correll – ‘I wish I still got stickers for doing hard stuff’ – because when did I stop getting stickers for the dentists?

Gone are the days when I walked out with a balloon in one hand and an ‘I was brave’ sticker on my person. Yet, once again going solo to the dentist (well done me), and surviving the experience with no injuries (me or the dentist), I felt I had truly earned a sticker for bravery, even more so than when my Mum came to hold my hand. Although if she offered to do that now, I’d probably still take her up on it. Rewarding my bravery with coffee and chocolate was somewhat ironic, which is why they should definitely still give out stickers to grown ups.

Being an adult means we get remarkably little praise compared to our younger selves. In fact, the level of praise dramatically diminishes the older we become. I do try and communicate the general wonderfulness I see in my friends, but I also mentally congratulate myself for my achievements.

Things I have done recently for which I should have earned a sticker (do add your own suggestions below):

‘I did lots of work today’

I mean obviously I work hard every day, but today especially so.

‘I put on suncream’ 

This is not easy, especially that bit right in the middle of your back where you can’t quite reach. And you have to remember to take the sun cream with you in the first place – double well done for remembering and then putting it on.

‘I tidied my house’

And kept it tidy for two whole days hours.

‘I trapped an enormous spider’

Admittedly in a scene that will disturb animal lovers, I then usually have to leave it there, but this is very brave. The size of the spider is immaterial, but of course it was enormously huge and therefore an especially brave moment.

‘I cooked dinner’

This sticker could also read ‘I didn’t order a takeaway’, or ‘I ate my five today’ – all sticker-worthy achievements.

‘I ate only one biscuit’

This would also come in ‘cake’, ‘doughnut’ and ‘pizza’ variety sticker combo. Self control right there people.

‘I waited for the green man’

In a world of impatience, I feel this act of obedience and waiting deserves a sticker. The sticker could be shiny if this waiting was done in the presence of children, thereby setting a wonderful example.

There’s a world of possibilities; adulting is hard. But I think my sticker of the week would have to be…

‘I kept going’ 

…because sometimes that just sums up being a grown up!


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