Living well alone

As you may have read (if not, click here), I have finally found the contentment in being alone. Ironically I publish this the day my new housemate moves in – I may need to work on a few of these things… However, here are some of my personal ‘living alone’ highlights.

1. Bedtime

Firstly, is whenever I would like it to be. In my king size bed. All to myself.

Lamentably (as I understand it from my limited experience) the art of the starfish is often under-appreciated by bedtime companions. Without the bedtime companion, it is a glorious opportunity. You’d be amazed how a person of only 5 foot 2 can take up so much space. There is no one to hog the covers. I can create my own cocoon (and do so regularly). If I want to eat chocolate digestives at 3am and read a book, that’s a-ok. (Yes I have done this too.)

2. Dinner time

I’m finally back from work and it’s 9.30pm. I have probably been out enjoying myself, rather than working that hard. Admittedly, no one has made me dinner. But also no one is cross that I have a) missed dinner, b) ruined dinner,or c) not made dinner. 9:30 is now a perfectly acceptable time in my book to scoff a fried egg sandwich, or eat a bizarre and eclectic combination of foods. The foods I buy are all there in the cupboard when I come back, no one has half-inched the last Gold bar.

Plus everything is to my taste. Onions in everything and loads of caesar salad – sign me up!

3. Clothes

Or not. No one knows. No one cares!    IMG_0012-0 If I want to do as this picture suggests and walk out of my trousers the second I walk in the door, who’s to know? If I want to cook wearing only an apron, who’s bothered? (I don’t do this, it just sounds dangerous, a bit like the idea of naked ironing – risky.)

Word of advice – make sure the curtains are shut.

4. Wardrobe space

My home is fitted with an inbuilt double wardrobe. It’s floor to ceiling, and almost the length of my room. Before I was divorced it was half each but now… It is entirely full of my clothes, shoes, handbags, and folders of school resources. I wish I could say it is all my school work taking up the space. It’s not. I think a clear out might be needed. I also think I may be a hoarder as I’ve taken over 11 drawers with my stuff, and created a special ‘shoe’ cupboard. Does anybody really need 3 drawers worth of pashminas? (YES!) I don’t honestly think there’s room for another person in my life – we’d have to move.

5. The bathroom

A lovely deep, hot bath to luxuriate in. The hot water is all mine, and no one will be knocking on the door because they need the toilet half way through my book bath. Note to self: due to arrival of housemate remember to shut and lock the bathroom door from now on.

6. Performance of a lifetime

I love the moment in ‘PS I Love You’ where the family and friends all walk in to Holly’s full-pelt rendition of ‘The Man That Got Away’ by Judy Garland. It’s fortunate that people don’t tend to let themselves into my house because they’d probably find me half dressed for the day (see number 3) doing a (to my mind) brilliant rendition of the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, including all of the rap. And dances. There’s no one to judge. Except now you…

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