Autumn days…

…when the grass is jewelled…

Truth be told, I’ve not been up early enough to establish whether or not there is indeed a morning dew on the ground. I imagine my staunch ‘I-will-wear-flip-flops-for-as-long-as-possible’ stance, possible when you leave the house at 10.30am at the earliest, is coming to a brisk end as my key signs of impending autumn appear.

1. Cold feet. Picture the scene…starfished across the kingsize bed, duvet tucked in at every possible point, all ready for sleeping; except that your feet are so ice-cube-esque that they refuse to let you do so. The bible verse “if one part [of the body] suffers, every part suffers with it” is sadly true in this instance…there is nothing for it but to extricate oneself from the cocoon of snuggliness and locate some socks. But it’s definitely not winter; I haven’t had to tuck my pyjama trousers into them yet.

2. Whilst during the day I can wind down the windows and pretend it’s still summer, ‘Surfin’ USA’ doesn’t have the same ring when accompanied by the car heater. The air conditioning buttons are firmly switched off, and the dial is all too swiftly making it’s way back round to maximum heat. But not yet, not yet.

3. Nothing says Autumn quite as much as the total consternation that now greets a weekend event.
“It’s on Saturday evening?”
“Yes, are you busy?”
No, I’m not actually busy, but Strictly’s on… I ventured to watch it on my own last Saturday. This was a definite faux pas. After 10 minutes I gave up and decamped (probably the wrong term given the amount of men in sequinned shirts) to my friends’.
Some of the glitter is being surrounded by at least 7, but usually 11 or 12, friends (including children), all of whom have a similar excitement level – save one, who endures and escapes as soon as humanly possible.
In the past we have even run to a selection of laminated scoring paddles for big events (namely my birthday – cake shaped – and bonfire night – fireworks, of course). This year, there is suggestion of getting a glitterball for the living room to complete the experience. And I fully intend to wear a different dress every Saturday night between now and Christmas.

The very word ‘September’ is indicative of change and chill in the air; my period of end-of-summer-denial is fast moving to its yearly close and my abundance of pashminas will soon be making a reappearance.

Things I’m secretly excited about for winter:
1. Wearing knee length boots.
2. Slippers.
3. The rediscovery of an entirely unworn for several months wardrobe.
4. The Michael Bublè Christmas album…too early?

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